Want a Perfect Smile? 5 Things To Know Before Getting Veneers

Have you been diving into research about the fantastic features of cosmetic dental work like dental veneers? Veneers appear to be the new fad amongst millennials who are looking to enhance their smile quickly. 

Instead of waiting months to a year wearing braces, this dental cosmetic procedure allows dental patients to have straight teeth much sooner. Dental veneers also help patients cover damaged teeth while brightening their smile without needed teeth whitening cosmetic dental work. 

As your favorite thousand oaks family dentistry, we want to ensure you learn as much about dental veneers as possible. Below we have listed the top 5 things you should know before veneer teeth. 

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5 Things To Know Before Getting Dental Veneers 

Woman's before and after smile with dental veneers

1. It’s a quick dental cosmetic procedure, but it isn’t overnight.

During your dental office appointment, impressions are taken and sent to a lab for dental veneer creation. After the impressions portion of the dental cosmetic procedure, temporary veneers are secured with removable glue onto your teeth. You will likely wait a few days to a week or so until your permanent dental veneers are ready for use. Once prepared, you will meet for another dental checkup where a professional dentist will safely secure the veneers on. 

Continuous dental checkups should be scheduled to ensure everything is safe, and your teeth are in its best health condition.  

2. Enamel is removed from your natural teeth. 

Most people think veneers are plopped on and you are good to go. In reality, most cases of veneer teeth require cosmetic dental work that involves filing down a portion of the enamel. The removal of the enamel helps veneers lay flat and in line with your gum tissue, giving you an overall natural look. 

Don’t worry. The veneers will sub as the removed enamel, protecting your teeth from environmental threats. 

Although your new dental veneers are typically sore for a few days, your thousand oaks family dentistry or preferred dentist will give you the necessary tools to remain at ease. 

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3. Not all veneers are the same – customize your look with size & color.

Veneer teeth are similar to all teeth in that no set is the same. With that being said, work closely with your dentist to create dental veneers that suit your face frame and mouth size to resemble a natural smile. If you have any issues with your current look or have certain dental features you’d like to enhance through cosmetic dental work, it would be great to discuss those concerns before taking impressions. 

Another reason people turn to the dental cosmetic procedure is to brighten up their smile. Many patients will request “white teeth” for their dental veneers but don’t consider that white itself comes in many shades. Teeth as bright as whiteout can come off unrealistic since most teeth have a natural grey, yellow, or shadowing tint, even if white. Consult with your family dentist to discuss which veneer suits your skin tone and natural smile. 

After receiving your veneer teeth and wearing it for a few days, return for a dental checkup and inform your doctor about its comfort to check if they need to make any adjustments. 

4. Dental Veneers come in two aesthetics, partial veneers, and full veneers.

Partial veneers cover a small section of the tooth that suffered enamel defects. A partial veneer is excellent if you have one tooth or only a part of the teeth that you want to be covered. 

Full Veneers involve more severe cases where a patient wants to cover all their teeth to get that “Hollywood Smile.” It’s also common in people who want to close a gap. 

Speak with a professional dentist to determine which cosmetic dental procedure is best for you and your dental desires.

5. Permanent…but won’t last forever!

As do your natural-born teeth, dental veneers usually wear down over time. They may last up to 20 years before needing replacement or repairs. However, life happens, and sometimes you may require cosmetic dental work much sooner, especially if you are not carefully taking care of the veneer teeth. 

Schedule an annual dental checkup to keep your dental veneers and natural smile glowing in good health. 


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