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If you are interested in a new, fresh approach to dental care, consider laser dentistry.

At Newbury Dental Group, we can use laser dentistry to treat our patients’ oral health concerns in a way that is comfortable and effective. If you live in Newbury Park or the 91320 area and are looking for modern dental care, give us a call. Lasers are revolutionizing dentistry, but a family dentist still typically uses traditional metal dental tools, making it necessary to visit a laser dentist. As a laser dentist in Newbury Park, we can use lasers in the majority of our procedures to correct damage without causing irritation. We invite you to call 805.375.9383 and experience the difference that laser dentistry can make.

Our dentists use laser dentistry to assist in specific oral dental procedures which makes them easier to perform. Not only do dentists choose this method over other available instruments, but lasers ensure comfort and speed of healing time for patients.

Laser Dentistry for Those with a Dental Phobia
If you suffer from dental anxiety or avoid visiting the dentist for fear of discomfort, you are not alone. This is a common condition that you do not have to live with. Laser dentistry has revolutionized dental care to the point where procedures can be performed in a way that is so comfortable that you will barely notice you are having dental work done. We treat patients throughout the Newbury Park area that no longer have concerns regarding dental care after experiencing how pleasant a laser dental treatment can be.

Laser Dentistry Provides a Better Experience
By performing laser dental treatments, we can eliminate the common reasons why people are uncomfortable during dental procedures – heat, pressure, and vibration. Once eliminated, many people do not even need anesthesia. That is why we can often complete fillings without our patients requesting an injection. Additionally, laser technology allows us to more accurately target specific areas of your mouth. The laser is incredibly thin so we can make precise incisions when necessary. We can even use lasers to correct issues like tooth decay. The difference is that the surrounding gum tissue is not impacted or irritated in any way. With traditional metal dental tools, a dentist may irritate the surrounding tissue with an accidental slip of the hand. By removing this risk, our patients can undergo the same dental procedures but with a faster recovery time. Simultaneously, our patients are more comfortable than if the procedure was performed in the traditional manner. For example, laser dental fillings achieve the same results but without the discomfort. Simultaneously, lasers can also be used to help stop the bleeding so that when a more intensive procedure is being performed, gauze may be unnecessary or only used temporarily. Patients can appreciate the opportunity to have dental work completed in this non-invasive way. If you would like to experience laser dentistry for yourself, we invite you to call 805-375-9383 and schedule an appointment.

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Laser Gum Surgery
Perhaps one of the most significant advances that gentle dentistry has made is associated with treating gum disease. This condition is so common that most adults will suffer from some form of gum disease in their lifetime. The symptoms typically start with red, swollen, and bleeding gums but if left untreated, it can lead to gum recession. Receding gums are particularly dangerous because more of the tooth and roots will become exposed and open for attack by bacteria. Many people suffer bone and tooth loss as a result. Treating gum disease, therefore, is critical for preserving your teeth as you age. The traditional method of treatment involves pulling the gums away from the tooth and using metal dental tools to scrape off the bacteria, plaque and tartar that has formed on the tooth but underneath the gums. This can be uncomfortable to say the least. Laser dentistry has completely changed the procedure. We offer periodontic care, and our patients can have their gum disease treated by using lasers to break up the plaque and tartar. This will remove the irritant that is causing the gum disease in the first place. Typically, the gums will then return to good health. Since this is a non-invasive procedure, our patients start to feel better right away. Not all dentists in the 91320 area offer this new method of treating gum disease, making it important to visit a laser dentistry office.

Laser Teeth Whitening
At Newbury Dental Group, we can transform your ordinary smile into something truly beautiful. If you are tired of having yellow or stained teeth, you are not alone. In our high tech dental offices, we can perform an in-office whitening treatment with dramatic results. Your teeth can become eight shades whiter or more in a single sitting. The lasers essentially activate the whitening solution that is placed on your teeth. This means that your teeth will whiten much faster than if you treated them at home. While the results are stunning, the procedure is still entirely safe, making it an excellent solution for improving your appearance. You can also whiten your teeth using custom-made whitening trays, and while this works, it can take a week or two to achieve the same results that we can get in an hour. When trying to decide which option to select, consider how much time you have to spend whitening your teeth and whether or not you have an immediate event that you want your teeth whitened for. If you are pressed for time, you should definitely have an in-office laser whitening treatment. We can schedule you and improve your smile in time for a new job interview, family vacation, wedding, etc.

When you visit Newbury Dental Group, we will work to the best of our ability to provide you with the highest quality of dental care and do so in a way that is relaxing and comfortable. By offering laser dental treatments, we eliminate the vibration, heat and pressure that generally causes discomfort during dental procedures. In fact, we even offer fillings without the need to use a drill. Laser dentistry is used in our office so that we can achieve our goal of keeping you comfortable. The technology is continuing to change and improve so if there are procedures that we are still using traditional dental tools for, we expect all or most of them to eventually be done using lasers. For now, we have implemented the use of lasers in our procedures to place dental veneers, fillings, crowns, dental implants, to whiten teeth, and treat gum disease, among others. If you want to learn more about how we use laser technology currently, call Newbury Dental Group and schedule an appointment with our 91320 dental office.

Newbury Park Laser Dentistry FAQ

Dentists use a variety of devices in their daily activities including the use of lasers to treat several dental procedures. Laser dentistry is a specialized procedure that creates a thin, precise beam of energy that connects with bone and tissue. This technique enhances many processes including:

  • Eliminates decay
  • Tissue removal
  • Remove bacteria
  • Reshape tissue
  • To make teeth whitening faster
  • To perform biopsies
  • To treat infected tissue during gum treatment (SRP)
  • Remove excess tissue
  • Getting rid of tumors
  • To rejuvenate muscle attachments that limit a tooth’s function
  • Assist in procedures that require impressions
  • Removal of tissue around wisdom teeth that have only partially erupted (Pericoronitis)

Dentists cite numerous advantages to using lasers over other instruments which improve the patient’s overall access to oral health. Other benefits include:

  • Lasers enable dentists to perform invasive surgery without drilling.
  • Enables dentists to administer less anesthesia for dental procedures
  • Lasers assist in recovery times.
  • Reduces the risk of bacteria when the tooth or gums are exposed.
  • Restricts blood loss during surgery.
  • Patients may not need sutures with the use of laser technology.

There are two primary lasers used in dental practices: hard tissue and soft tissue which determine wavelength depending on the type of tissue present in your mouth that needs removal.

  • Dentists use hard tissue lasers for your teeth. Hard tissue laser wavelengths are designed to cut through the calcium phosphate inbone and water. Hard lasers also enhance:
    • The need to administer anesthesia
    • Tooth sensitivity
    • Tooth reduction
  • Soft tissue lasers have a light wavelength which is more suitable for the absorption of water and hemoglobin. This type of wavelength penetrates soft tissue and encloses blood vessels after the procedure ends which is why you experience minimal bleeding. Soft tissues also assist in the following:
    • Cosmetic surgery
    • Crown lengthening
    • Reshaping gums to enhance your smile
    • Removing tissue to accommodate dentures

Dentists at Newbury Dental Group receive training on proper use and technique so that each patient receives the safest care possible. As our dentists perform any laser procedure, we will ask every patient to wear safety glasses to ensure further that we protect your eyes from the rays.

Laser dentistry is a minimally-invasive surgery, and the post-operative experience is much different from dental procedures that use scalpels. Laser surgery reduces the amount of bleeding, and you will not have an open wound. With proper after-care instructions, it will minimalize the risk of infection since you will not have sutures. You will also not experience any discomfort making this type of procedure patient-friendly. Laser dentistry is a convenient and safe solution for many of the dental procedures you have today. Ask us about laser availability the next time you are in for a dental visit.

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