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Whiter Teeth in a Flash: Zoom Teeth Whitening Thousand Oaks

If your teeth are appearing less than brilliant, you might consider professional Zoom teeth whitening – one of the best methods of instant teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a tooth whitening product that’s the quickest way to achieve a bright smile in Thousand Oaks. This revolutionary new chair-side tooth whitening system combines an LED full-mouth bleaching light with a solution of 25% Hydrogen Peroxide light-activated gel to lighten teeth 6-10 shades in around one hour.

Our outstanding dentists, Dr. Peyman Saghizadeh and Dr. Sam Saghizadeh, are Zoom experts. They can recommend one of several Zoom treatments ranging from dental office procedures to at-home applications. They oversee the treatment so you can be assured it is safe and effective.

Zoom Whitening Procedure Thousand Oaks:

How it Works

Dr. Peyman Saghizadeh or Dr. Sam Saghizadeh will recommend the type of treatment that is best suited for you. There are four main types of Zoom procedures – two in-office and two at-home options. All four render brighter, whiter teeth almost instantly.

In-Office Zoom Whitening Treatments in Thousand Oaks

WhiteSpeed. Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed whitening treatment is the most effective treatment. It is conducted at our Thousand Oaks Dental Group Clinic, it takes about 10 minutes to apply the whitening gel and another 30 minutes for the gel to sit in your mouth under the LED light where teeth typically turn several shades lighter.

Prior to the treatment, your dentist may recommend a professional teeth cleaning. During the procedure, he will

Your dentist may recommend a professional cleaning prior to the whitening procedure. Then, your dentist will:

• Apply whitening gel to your teeth.
• Turn on the Zoom WhiteSpeed LED light at your teeth and direct it at your teeth.
• Repeat the process several more times.
• Apply an enamel-protecting gel to your teeth.

Following the procedure, you will be given whitening treatments to use at home and will be advised on how to care for your newly whitened teeth.

Philips Zoom QuickPro. This in-office whitening procedure takes around thirty minutes. It isn’t quite as effective as the WhiteSpeed method but it takes less time and costs less money.

For the Zoom QuickPro procedure, your dentist will:

• Possibly recommend and conduct a thorough professional teeth cleaning.
• Apply a whitening solution to your teeth.
• Add a sealant on top of the whitening substance.
• Provide you complete aftercare instructions.
• Instruct you to brush the whitening substance off in thirty minutes.

At-Home Zoom Whitening Treatment Thousand Oaks

The two at-home whitening methods are Zoom DayWhite and Zoom NightWhite. The only difference is one you apply during the day and the other you use at night. Your dentist will provide you with the supplies and instructions necessary for the treatment you are using. The procedure is repeated over the course of two weeks and involves:

• Thoroughly brushing your teeth.
• Adding a small amount of whitening gel to the trays that are provided.
• Positioning the trays over your teeth.
• Wearing the trays on your teeth for the prescribed length of time.
• Removing the trays and rinsing them with cold water.
• Thoroughly brushing your teeth again to remove all the solution.
• Applying an enamel protective solution onto your teeth.

Free Zoom Teeth Whitening Consultation in Thousand Oaks

If you want to experience the best teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks, we invite you to come to Newbury Dental Group in Thousand Oaks for a free consultation.

Fast. Safe. Effective.

Fast teeth whitening in Thousand Oaks is super-fast and ultra-affordable. Each whitening lasts at least several months and sometimes up to a year or longer. The treatment is 100% safe and will be done under the care of one of our Newbury Dental Group dentists. Zoom teeth whitening is completely painless. Call today and get started on the white teeth and bright smile you’ve been dreaming of.

Zoom on in for Whiter Teeth and a Brighter Smile

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