When is the Right Time To Get Dentures?

Is it the right time to get dentures? There are several reasons to consider it. For example, if you have a medical condition that prevents you from maintaining your dental hygiene, this may be an excellent time. Instead of cringing at the very thought of losing all your teeth, consider the benefits to doing so.

Here is a list of several signs that may suggest you need to get dentures.

You Have Lost Many of Your Teeth

If you haven’t been able to keep up with hygiene.

You Have Broken Teeth

If you have broken teeth, they will most likely need to be taken out. If this is the case, they may recommend getting dentures instead of filling the holes.

You Have Lost Your Sense of Taste

After losing so many teeth, you may have also lost some of your sense of taste. If this is the case, it might be worth considering getting dentures so you can regain your full ability to taste food properly.

You Have Trouble Swallowing Food

Having trouble swallowing means that some parts of the throat do not touch each other as they should. Chronic indigestion can also be a symptom of tooth decay. This is because as you find it more difficult to chew, you are likely to bite and swallow larger mouthfuls of food. Because your digestive system cannot process the larger chunks of food, it will suffer from indigestion.

Denture Options Available at the Newbury Dental Group

Temporary dentures, partial dentures, and complete dentures are the three most common forms of dentures available at the Newbury Dental Group. There are a few different factors that affect which type will be most suitable for you.

Temporary: The least expensive and most commonly used. They can be ready in as little as one or two days and must be adjusted several times before they become comfortable.

Partial: (Sometimes called a bridge) are another option for replacing missing teeth. Partial dentures use false teeth to fill the area where a tooth once was, usually held in place by clasps that attach it onto surrounding healthy teeth. Like other types of dentures, there is a risk that your gums will shrink over time and the partial may slip out of place.

Whole/Complete: This option is also available from Newbury Dental Group for patients who have been without all of their natural teeth for some time.

A Newbury Park dentist will carefully select one of these options to provide the best solution for your needs.

Before you decide to get dentures, it’s important to consider what they will feel like. Some people find it difficult to adjust after getting used to their regular teeth, but others are glad that they don’t have the burden of keeping up with daily brushing and flossing routines.

If you’re interested in considering dentures for yourself, contact us!


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