What to Expect from Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom teeth whitening

A whopping 80 percent of American adults between the ages of 18 and 49 want whiter teeth. If you’re one of them, then you may be looking into options that will refresh and improve your smile — and boost your confidence, too.

One such method for brightening your smile is Zoom teeth whitening. There’s a lot to learn about this procedure, who’s a candidate for it, and what it can do for your pearly whites. Here’s everything you need to know before signing up for your treatment with Newbury Dental Group.

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening? 

You might have an idea of what Zoom teeth whitening is, but let’s go over the basics of the procedure so you know what to expect from it. 

Zoom teeth whitening is the professional alternative to over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments. It’s not always easy to evenly apply at-home whitening treatments. Plus, without oversight from a professional, you know you’re not damaging your teeth in any way.

The whitening formula goes onto your teeth, and a special laser light activates it so that it works efficiently, effectively, and quickly to transform your smile. 

And all of this happens during a visit to the dentist. This in-office treatment doesn’t require multiple applications or visits.

What Can I Expect from a Zoom Treatment? 

The treatment will begin with an examination of your teeth and gums to ensure you’re a candidate for Zoom. Infection, cavities, gum disease, or other dental issues will require treatment by your dentist before you can get your teeth safely whitened. 

Once your dentist gives you the green light, it will be time for your whitening treatment. It will start with a thorough cleaning of your teeth to ensure that the whitening treatment goes on your teeth, and not on plaque or another build-up on your teeth.

After that, the dentist will prepare your lips and teeth for the whitening session. They will apply a protectant to your lips so that the treatment and laser light do not irritate them.

The dentist will then put a retractor in your mouth, which moves the lips out of the way and exposes the teeth fully to the light. It makes it easier for them to apply the whitening formula, as well. But first, they will place a protective gel on your gums, which will be exposed to the light, too.

After all of the preparation is done, it’s time to whiten your teeth. Don’t worry about sitting in this position for hours on end — you can get Zoom whitening done on your lunch break. 

Once the whitening solution is on, the dentist will check your teeth every 15 minutes to reapply it and remove any excess moisture that builds up in your mouth during the treatment. They will check the progress of the procedure so they can ensure your teeth reach the shade of white that you envision. That’s an important part of the process, too — you don’t want your teeth looking too white, and you also don’t want them to be not white enough. 

As we said already, it takes about a lunch break’s amount of time to whiten your teeth this way. Expect to be finished in 45 minutes.

Will It Hurt?

There’s always a chance that teeth whitening will cause a bit of sensitivity, but this is a very rare side effect of Zoom whitening. Only 1.8 percent of patients experience this type of sensitivity after having Zoom, according to one study. Others have found that number to be anywhere from 2 to 9 percent, but the fact remains that the chances of sensitivity are low. 

Does Zoom Require At-Home Upkeep?

Your dentist will give you the rundown on how to maintain your smile after Zoom whitening. They will instruct you to keep up with your regular oral hygiene routine, as brushing and flossing regularly will help keep teeth white. 

You should also be sure to avoid foods known to stain teeth, especially now that you have had yours whitened. This list includes:

  • Red wine
  • Tomato-based sauces
  • Coffee and tea
  • Berries and berry-based juices
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Dark sodas and colas
  • Sports drinks

If you can’t cut these and other staining foods out of your diet, then be sure to brush your teeth after consuming them. That way, you’ll be able to wipe them away before their pigments really stick to your smile. 

How Effective is Zoom Teeth Whitening? 

There’s a reason why so many people rely on Zoom whitening treatments to get the smile they seek. The treatment can whiten by 8 shades or more, meaning it can transform the color of your teeth in less than an hour. 

On top of that, the treatments last for quite a long time. One survey found that patients’ teeth stayed their most white for 12 to 15 months afterward. Be sure to keep in mind that no superficial whitening treatment will last forever. 

I’m Ready For My Zoom Whitening Treatment

Perhaps you’ve noticed that years of drinking coffee has stained your teeth. Or maybe you’ve always been a bit self-conscious about the color of your smile. Maybe you want to top off an orthodontic straightening treatment to make your smile even more perfect. 

No matter what the reason, you’re ready for your Zoom teeth whitening treatment. And we’re here to help you get the ball rolling. 

Zoom is one of the many treatments we provide here at Newbury Dental Group. Click here to contact us today and, together, we can transform your smile from the inside out. 


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