What Is KöR Teeth Whitening? A Closer Look

A recent study has shown that 67 percent of American adults have tried whitening their teeth in some form or other. Whether by turning to dentists for teeth whitening procedures or by applying whitening strips at home, people realize having a whiter smile is beneficial in their personal and professional lives.

Now, there is a new procedure that is seeing the kind of results people want: KöR Teeth Whitening. But what is this kind of procedure and how does it work? Read on to learn more about what KöR Teeth Whitening in Los Angeles, CA can offer.

What Is KöR Teeth Whitening?

KöR Teeth Whitening is one of the most trusted teeth whitening procedures. It is the only option that works to restore the ability your teeth had to absorb oxygen. The whitening gel has oxygen and when your teeth absorb it, the oxygen dissolves and erases stain molecules.

One of the things that makes KöR Teeth Whitening one of the most dependable procedures for white teeth is that the gel is refrigerated from the moment it is made until your dentist applies it to your teeth. This guarantees freshness and effectiveness. The active ingredient in whitening gels has to be kept cold at all times to avoid losing potency and that is what KöR Teeth Whitening offers.

Most teeth whitening products can only work for about 25 to 35 minutes because human saliva starts to destroy the peroxide they contain. With KöR Teeth Whitening, this is not a problem. It uses trays that seal out saliva, letting the gel work for up to 10 hours at a time.

If you have sensitive teeth, it can be uncomfortable and even painful to try whitening procedures. KöR Teeth Whitening uses a desensitizing liquid before the whitening chemicals get to work. This can greatly reduce the discomfort.

KöR Teeth Whitening is permanent, unlike other teeth whitening procedures, and it requires only light home maintenance. Of all of the teeth whitening procedures, this is the one that can treat tetracycline-stained teeth.

The KöR Teeth Whitening Procedure

When beginning the KöR Teeth Whitening procedure in Los Angeles, CA, a dental health professional will talk with you about the level of whitening that is right for you. Then, your dentist will create molds of your teeth. These molds will help create the whitening trays you will wear.

Once the trays are ready, you will have to return for a follow-up appointment to get the trays, the gel, the desensitizing liquid, and instructions on how to use all of them. Most people wear their trays at home as they sleep for about two weeks.

The next step is to return to the dentist, where you will have an in-clinic whitening session. It will usually take between one to two hours.

To maintain the results you want, you will have to wear the trays once a month as you sleep. With KöR Teeth Whitening, you can get teeth that are 16 shades whiter than what you began the process with.

Types of KöR Teeth Whitening

There are different teeth whitening options with the KöR system. Between you and your dentist, you will be able to find the right level.

KöR Home

This is the at-home procedure that most people prefer. It includes KöR Night, where patients wear the trays at night for two weeks. KöR Day is the alternative. If you do not want to wear the trays at night, or if you have sleep apnea or other conditions that make it uncomfortable to do so, this is the right choice.

KöR Max

This option combines at-home procedures with an in-clinic whitening session. It is the option that can provide the best results for most people.

KöR Ultra

For stubborn stains that KöR Max cannot handle, this level is a good choice. If you have fluorosis or geriatric staining, you want to speak with your doctors about KöR Ultra.

KöR Ultra-T

People with tetracycline staining, which was once thought to be impossible to treat, can get the whitening action they want from this option.

KöR Power Whitening

For people who do not feel comfortable wearing the trays at all, this in-office option may be a good choice. The results may not be as predictable as the other options, however.

Are You a Candidate?

You can easily check if your teeth could use the whitening power of KöR by holding a napkin up to your mouth. Are your teeth significantly yellower than the napkin? If so, you are a candidate for KöR Teeth Whitening.

Because it does require commitment, the KöR Teeth Whitening process is best suited for people who have tried other teeth whitening options and have not gotten the results they wanted. It is also the best choice for people who have sensitive teeth and find other whitening options too uncomfortable.

Is It Safe?

KöR Teeth Whitening is one of the safest teeth whitening procedures available. Some people may experience mild discomfort, but most find the process easy and straightforward.

People who tend to feel sensitivity with other teeth whitening products will feel no more than 10 percent of the sensitivity they would feel with those products.

Get the Smile You Have Always Wanted

With KöR Teeth Whitening, you can get rid of the stubborn stains on your teeth and get that pearly-white smile you want. You can turn to us at Newbury Dental Group. We can handle any oral health concerns you may have, including sleep apnea.

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