What can a Newbury Park Dentist do for an Abscess?

A tooth abscess is never something any patient looks forward to. The throbbing pain, the uncomfortable feeling when chewing, the sensitivity to hot and cold, and other issues are enough to drive a patient to distraction. It can not only continue to cause pain to you but can also cause other health issues that may manifest themselves in worse ways. Although a tempting option is to ignore abscesses and take over the counter medication, ignoring an abscess will only make it worse. Only a Newbury Park dentist can take care of an abscess in a permanent way.

What is an abscess caused by?

Oftentimes, an abscess will be caused by and occur as a result of a bacterial infection that has been caused by poor hygiene, dry mouth, tooth decay, or other complications. These diseases are not only harmful on their own, but also create an abscess that can lead to larger issues. If left untreated, the abscess and underlying causes can spread throughout the mouth and jawbone or other parts of the body. By consulting your dentist, you can not only determine the cause of the abscess but also drain it and eliminate it.

What symptoms accompany an abscess and what will my dentist do to fix an abscess?

More often than not, an abscess will be accompanied by pain near a tooth, gums or in the jawbone area. Throbbing will be commonplace and there will be other related symptoms that can cause headaches or jaw pain. A dentist can determine how to fix an abscess through a few different treatments such as draining the abscess, performing a root canal, extracting the impacted tooth, or prescribing antibiotics if appropriate. Only a Newbury Park dentist can make these important decisions regarding an abscessed tooth and if you feel pain, you should consult one as soon as possible.

What do I do if I have more questions regarding a tooth abscess or its causes?

Contact our office as soon as possible if you have any questions regarding a tooth abscess or its causes. Our dental staff is eager to schedule an appointment so a Newbury Park dentist can answer your questions and help get your abscessed tooth fixed!


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