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How To Prevent Mouth Odor for a Fresh Smelling Smile

Let’s be honest. Bad breath can seem quite embarrassing, but truth be told, we all have our moments. One covering their smile is not always due to insecurities about their teeth and waiting for cosmetic dental work. Often people cover their smiles or hide their teeth when laughing because of mouth odor. The unfortunate part…

Picture of toothbrush and teaspoon of baking soda in the background to whiten teeth.
5 Teeth Whitening Myths to Avoid

We have access to a large amount of information on the web about teeth whitening. There are many blogs and social media accounts that share natural, do-it-yourself methods to eliminate stains. The most popular techniques involve the use of ingredients like baking soda or oil pulling to whiten your teeth; it is vital to know…

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