Bearded man put on clear teeth aligners
Invisalign vs. Clear Aligner Kit | How To Get Straight Teeth

Enhancing your smile in 2020 is now easier than ever. Cosmetic dentistry allows patients to experience an entire smile makeover in an unbelievably fast time. Popular cosmetic dentistry transformations involve teeth whitening, dental veneers, and dental implants. However, one dental cosmetic procedure that continues to rise on the popularity chart is teeth alignment trays –…

Beautiful smile with a gap tooth before cosmetic dentistry
How to Close a Gap Without Braces

Are traditional braces not convenient for your current lifestyle? No worries, there are a number of treatments in cosmetic dentistry that can swiftly and easily close the gap between your teeth. Below, we’ve named some of our most requested dental cosmetic procedures at our thousand oaks dentist office.  Check out our website to learn more…

Hollywood celebrity smile going to a red carpet event
How to Get the Perfect Hollywood Smile

It’s award season! The Golden Globes have just ended, and the Oscar nominations were released this week. We’re excited to see our favorite celebrities strut their stuff on the red carpet and flash their picture-perfect Hollywood smiles.  It is common to be jealous of our favorite celebrity’s set of teeth, but you should know that…

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