Top 3 Reasons You Need to Schedule Regular Pediatric Dental Checkups


Some parents wait too long until they start bringing their children to the dentist. Scheduling regular pediatric dental checkups is so important for maintaining a healthy smile as a child and into adulthood. Here’s a list of the top 3 reasons parents need to make regular pediatric dental checkups:


1. Prevention 

Prevention is the most important step in ensuring that your child has healthy teeth, throughout their younger years and adulthood. Prevention involves several — like making sure your children practice good hygiene, limiting the amount of sugary foods and soda, scheduling regular dental checkups and checking in on their teeth yourself. Many children have deep ridges in their teeth, which can trap food, bacteria, and plaque, eventually creating tooth decay. Early detection of any problems is always better than waiting until a tooth is severely damaged to seek treatment.


2. Teeth cleaning

We realized that many parents do not bring their child to the dentist until they are much older – but this is a mistake. Kids can develop cavities even as toddlers, so it is important to bring them to a kid-friendly dentist for monitoring and teeth cleaning. Besides professionally cleaning your child’s teeth, we can provide other services that help prevent tooth decay. If you aren’t on public water, we recommend regular fluoride treatments through your child’s teenage years. This decreases their risk of getting cavities by 30%. We can also apply a dental sealant to create a protective layer on ridged molars so plaque and food cannot cause tooth decay. This procedure is also a painless, fast, and simple way to prevent cavities in addition to cleaning. 


3. Creating healthy habits

Bringing your children to the dentist from a young age can help them get acquainted with dental care and the importance of regularly scheduled visits. We can help teach your children good habits that ensure they will always have healthy smiles. Encouraging these habits early on will help them stick with it into adulthood. We show kids that there is nothing to be scared of at the dentist, especially if they prevent any need for treatment with brushing, flossing, and regular cleanings from a young age.


You can schedule an appointment with the kid-friendly dentists at Newbury Dental Group by emailing or by calling (805) 410-1532. Dr. Peyman Saghizadeh and Dr. Sam Saghizadeh are both dedicated to providing top-quality care and helping each patient feel confident in their smile.


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