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Rediscover Your Smile with Over-Dentures at Newbury Dental Group

At Newbury Dental Group, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a smile that exudes confidence and joy. Our over-denture services in Newbury Park are meticulously designed to restore not just your smile, but also your ability to enjoy the simplest pleasures of life.

Understanding Over-Dentures

Over-dentures, often referred to as implant-supported dentures, are an innovative prosthetic dental solution perfect for individuals missing a few or all of their teeth. Unlike conventional dentures, over-dentures are securely anchored to dental implants, providing unparalleled stability, comfort, and functionality.

Why Choose Newbury Park Over-Dentures?

Over-dentures bring a plethora of benefits to those who choose them:

Stability and Comfort: The fact that over-dentures are anchored to dental implants ensures they offer a stable fit, minimizing chances of slippage or discomfort.

Improved Functionality: over-dentures enable easier chewing and speaking, leading to better nutrition and social confidence.

Natural Appearance: over-dentures are crafted to match your natural teeth, providing an aesthetically pleasing solution.

Jawbone Preservation: The dental implants used with over-dentures help stimulate your jawbone, preventing the bone loss that often accompanies missing teeth.

The Over-Denture Procedure at Newbury Dental Group

Our proficient dental team of Newbury Park denture specialists extends exceptional care and precision during every step of the over-denture process:

Newbury Dental Group: Committed to Your Care

At Newbury Dental Group, your comfort and satisfaction reign supreme. When you opt for our over-denture treatment, you can expect:

  • Consultation and Custom Treatment Plan: Our comprehensive evaluation includes the use of state-of-the-art X-rays to determine the best possible treatment for your unique needs.
  • Tailored Service: We invest time in understanding your unique dental needs, goals, and concerns, offering a truly personalized experience.
  • Transparent Guidance: We explain every step of the over-denture process, ensuring you fully understand the procedure, its benefits, and the aftercare involved.
  • Implant Placement: Surgical placement of dental implants into the jawbone creates a strong, secure foundation for your over-dentures.
  • Healing: Over several months, the dental implants integrate with your bone in a process known as osseointegration.
  • Fitting of Over-Dentures: Once the implants are fully integrated, your bespoke over-dentures are securely attached.
  • Comprehensive Support and Aftercare: Our detailed aftercare instructions and routine check-ups will ensure your over-dentures not only function perfectly but continue to look stunning.

Patient-Centered Care at Newbury Dental Group

Our highest priorities at Newbury Dental Group are your comfort and satisfaction. When you choose us for your over-denture treatment, you can look forward to:

Personalized Service: We invest time in understanding your unique dental needs, expectations, and concerns, ensuring a truly personalized service.

Expert Guidance: We elucidate every step of the over-denture procedure, so you know exactly what to expect from the procedure, its benefits, and the aftercare process.

Support and Aftercare: Our aftercare advice and routine check-ups will ensure your Over-dentures not only function properly but continue to look fabulous.

Embrace a New Smile with Over-Dentures

Don’t let missing teeth diminish your quality of life. With over-dentures from Newbury Dental Group, you can reclaim the joy of a complete, functional smile. Our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality dental care using cutting-edge technology and techniques ensures your satisfaction with our over-denture solutions.

The Power of Newbury Park Over-Dentures

Over-dentures, often known as implant-supported dentures, are a ground-breaking dental solution ideal for individuals missing some or all their teeth. Distinct from traditional dentures, over-dentures are securely anchored to dental implants, offering exceptional stability and comfort, and improving overall functionality.

Benefits of Implant Retained Dentures

Choosing over-dentures brings a myriad of benefits:

  • Superior Stability and Comfort: Thanks to the secure attachment to dental implants, over-dentures provide a stable fit, virtually eliminating the chance of slippage or discomfort.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Over-dentures facilitate easier chewing and speaking, leading to better nutrition and boosted self-confidence.
  • Natural-Looking Aesthetics: Crafted to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, over-dentures provide an aesthetically pleasing solution.
  • Jawbone Preservation: The dental implants used with over-dentures stimulate your jawbone, helping to prevent the bone loss typically associated with missing teeth.

Are Over-Dentures Permanent?

Yes, over-dentures can be designed to be a permanent solution. They are anchored to dental implants, which are surgically implanted into your jawbone, providing a strong and stable foundation. The over-dentures are then attached to these implants.

However, like all dental restorations, they will require proper care and maintenance to ensure their longevity. Regular check-ups with your dentist are also essential to monitor the health of your gums and the condition of the implants and over-dentures. Our Newbury Dental Group implant specialist can guide you on the best practices to maintain your over-dentures and ensure they remain a long-term solution for you.

It’s also important to note that not everyone may be a suitable candidate for over-dentures, as they require sufficient jawbone density for the placement of dental implants. If you’re considering over-dentures, it’s best to consult with one of our specialists who can assess your oral health condition and discuss the most suitable treatment options for you.

Rediscover Your Smile Today with Over-Dentures in Newbury Park

Don’t let missing teeth hold you back. Embrace the freedom of a complete, functional smile with over-dentures from Newbury Dental Group. With our commitment to providing high-quality dental care utilizing the latest technologies and techniques, you can rest assured your over-denture journey will be smooth and rewarding.

To discover more about over-dentures in Newbury Park or to schedule a consultation, contact Newbury Dental Group today. We’re eager to help you rediscover the joy of a full, beautiful smile. Call today – 805-375-9383.

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