How Can Newbury Dental Help with Tonsil Stones?

Tonsil stones are a real issue that some dental patients suffer from and may not even know it. Treatments are available and remove tonsil stones relatively quickly. Below, we’ll detail what they are, how they are treated, and what to do if you have any more questions about this uncommon malady.

What are tonsil stones?

Tonsil stones are formed when bacteria lodge themselves in different parts of the tonsils – often microscopic at first – and begin to build upon each other. This allows mucous and dead skin to linger and contribute to the creation, further hardening them and leading to inflammation and discomfort. Dentists can help with tonsil stones at any point, but the earlier they are identified and treated, the better it is for the patient.

What are common symptoms?

In addition to the inflammation and discomfort that they create that can potentially lead to their discovery, there are a few other symptoms that patients should be aware of. The most pronounced is halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath, that continues to worsen over time if not treated. Additionally, inflammation starts to become more pronounced, moving from mild discomfort to severe throat discomfort when swallowing. This may evolve to ear pain due to the swelling of the tonsils and require immediate intervention by a Newbury Park dentist.

How can a Newbury Park dentist help me with my tonsil stones?

No one wants to deal with discomfort, inflammation, and, worst of all pronounced bad breath. A Newbury Park dentist or can remove tonsil stones at the office with a tongue depressor and an air/water syringe to blast the stones out of their place, ensuring that you have a clean mouth free of tonsil stone-related inflammation and irritants.

What should I do if I have more questions?

Call our office today so we can answer questions about how a dentist can help you. We’ll schedule an appointment so you can talk to a dentist or qualified dental professional and be on your way to recovery.


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