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Enhancing your smile in 2020 is now easier than ever. Cosmetic dentistry allows patients to experience an entire smile makeover in an unbelievably fast time. Popular cosmetic dentistry transformations involve teeth whitening, dental veneers, and dental implants. However, one dental cosmetic procedure that continues to rise on the popularity chart is teeth alignment trays – invisible braces. 

What Are Alignment Trays 

Clear teeth aligners such as Invisalign, can alter the position of your teeth in a matter of months; ranging about 12-18 months. Some people claim to see smile transformations in just a few weeks. The aligners are made from a thermoplastic material strong enough to adjust your teeth, yet flexible enough to comfortably be worn for long periods of time. Aligners are typically worn for 22 hours a day. The trays are to be switched every two weeks. 

Not only do aligners straighten your teeth faster than traditional braces but they come with additional benefits. Unlike traditional metal braces, teeth alignment trays are clear and not easily visible to others. Adults appreciate the clear appearance to decrease distraction at work and during outings. Alignment trays like that of Invisalign, also allow patients to eat a broader variety of foods. The trays can come on and off during meals as compared to traditional braces that stay on and collect food inside their metal brackets. 

Check out our cosmetic dentistry services to learn more about Invisalign and straightening teeth. 

Invisalign vs. Teeth Aligner Kit 

The evolution of cosmetic dentistry has given people the option to straighten their teeth with at-home teeth alignment kits, like Smile Direct Club. As professional thousand oaks dentists, we’d like to share some thoughts and facts about the services of Smile Direct Club and Invisalign.  Hopefully, this information helps those who are looking for a smile makeover but not sure if they should visit a family dentist or order an alignment kit online. 

Invisalign Process

Note: Not all dentists offer Invisalign because special training is required in order to provide cosmetic treatment to patients. At Newbury Park Group dental offices, our dentists are equipped with the necessary training to issue Invasilgn alignment trays. 

The process begins with a certified dentist examining your oral health. Afterward, an impression of your teeth is taken and sent to a dental lab for aligner creations. A series of aligners are created to transform your smile by its specific needs. Invisalign is effective in severe cases of correcting bites, adjusting molars and rotating teeth. 

If a modification to your aligners is needed, Invisalign dentists are available to cater to your specific needs, assuring your aligners mold perfectly over your teeth for the highest level of comfort and safety. 

Cost: $3000 – $5000+ average 

Results: 12-18 months 

At-Home Dental Aligner Kit  

At-home kits allow you to take an impression yourself, in the comfort of your home. You will then mail the impressions to a lab. There are some companies of at-home aligner treatments like, Smile Direct Club and Candid that allow you to make a one-time visit to an orthodontist for an impression. Aligners are then created and sent to your home. Ultimately, a dentist will monitor your progress through your online account or mobile phone. 

Cost: $1895 – $2400 (depending on company) 

Results: 6-12 months average 

Invisalign vs. At-Home Teeth Alignment Kit

It is truly amazing having multiple options to straighten your teeth to receive the smile you deserve. However, as your local dentists in Newbury Park (check site for other locations), we still vote for an Invisalign treatment over at-home dental alignment kits. 

Although it is convenient being able to take impressions without needing to leave your home, dental visits are extremely important. Invisalign requires you to visit a certified dentist who’s mastered the art of examing your oral needs. A dentist will be able to tell you if alignment trays are a good option or if you should opt for another treatment. Invisalign experts will also be able to modify your trays if they are not a perfect match, which may happen. Dental support is the safest way to avoid oral injuries. 

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