Invisalign vs. Braces: Which Cosmetic Dental Procedure Should I Choose?

As a dental office located in Newbury Park, we understand the importance of having straight teeth. Clients frequently schedule a checkup for the opportunity to explain their interest in cosmetic dentistry and how to achieve their desired look. The number one question we hear in our dental office is, “should I try Invisalign or regular braces?” For this reason, we decided to pinpoints some flaws and benefits of each to help decide which is best. 

However, we recommend stopping by and visiting your favorite dentist in thousand oaks, or your local family dentistry for an opinion targeting your specific case. 

Invisalign vs. Braces 


Invisalign: Aligners are suggested to be worn for 22-24 hours a day for 6-18 months.

Braces: Are worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for an estimated two years. 

In regards to time, Invisalign can cut the time it takes to straighten teeth in half. This may not apply to every case, and for some people, it may take longer due to not wearing the trays as often as they should. In those instances, braces may be more reliable. 


Invisalign: Has removable trays that allow you to brush your teeth and the aligners after every meal. 

Braces: Can create a bit of a mess as food can easily attach to the wires. This not only brings about uncomfortably but limits the types of food one can intake. 


Invisalign: It is made of plastic material that molds to the form of your teeth. 

Braces: Are made of bonded metal wire that attaches to brackets placed over each tooth. A dental office may allow ceramic braces that are less visible but not as effective.  

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, products are not made to bring excessive pain but can be a bit uncomfortable when first applying. Both Invisalign and braces may take a moment getting used to, but after some time, you may not even remember they are on. 

Furthermore, Invisalign may feel more natural as you won’t feel metal friction if your tongue so happens to swipe across your teeth. 


Invisalign: Aligners are clear and should appear as if you aren’t wearing any dental treatments at all. 

Braces: They are generally silver but can have colored brackets. 

Most adult clients prefer Invisalign trays to create less visibility to the mouth. Still, many children leave their family dentistry with colored braces to match their fun, playful personalities. 


Invisalign: Price averages to about $5000. 

Braces: Cost ranges from about $1800 to $5500. 

Depending on the severity of your teeth, braces tend to be more affordable for the average family. To learn more about the price of each dental procedure, contact your nearest family dentistry or dentist in thousand oaks. 


Cosmetic dentistry, such as Invisalign or braces, can completely transform your smile. They both are efficient procedures that allow you to have the straight teeth you aspire to have. When deciding which one to try, you must consider each factor above and what is suitable for your budget and lifestyle. You should also take into account the current condition of your teeth. You may be excited to try Invisalign aligners but may instead require a more prestigious treatment such as metal braces. 

To fully determine which is the better choice, visit Newbury Dental Group, and schedule an appointment with the best dentist in thousand oaks. Get that confident smile you deserve! 

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