How to Get the Perfect Hollywood Smile

Hollywood celebrity smile going to a red carpet event

It’s award season! The Golden Globes have just ended, and the Oscar nominations were released this week. We’re excited to see our favorite celebrities strut their stuff on the red carpet and flash their picture-perfect Hollywood smiles. 

It is common to be jealous of our favorite celebrity’s set of teeth, but you should know that they did not get their Hollywood smile overnight. Many celebrities receive several cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to enhance their look. 

Newbury Dental can perform cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you achieve a beautiful set of teeth. Here are some popular treatments that will help you get fit for any close-ups or paparazzi photos you might have in the future. 

How to Get a Hollywood Smile

Teeth Whitening Treatment 

The first step to achieving a Hollywood smile is a teeth whitening treatment with a Newbury Park Dentist. A teeth bleaching procedure can transform your smile by removing discoloration on your teeth that occur due to the consumption of caffeine, sugars, acidic foods, and nicotine.

You can incorporate our teeth whitening treatment into your regular dental appointments or schedule the treatment before a special event.

Invisalign Treatment

Your smile isn’t ready for the big screen until your teeth are perfectly straight. Invisalign is a great option for those who do not want to deal with a full mouth of metal braces. 

Invisalign works by a dentist taking an impression of your smile to create clear tray aligners. Every two weeks, you swap aligners to continue placing pressure on your teeth. Over time, they’ll position straight. 

Replace Missing Teeth

Filling in any missing teeth with dental veneers or dental implants is another step to getting a Hollywood smile. These treatments can positively enhance your appearance, bite, and decrease your chances of tooth decay.

Dental Implants

Our dentists at Newbury Dental fasten the dental implants to the jawbone to restore the mouth’s function and features. 

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers made are of a thin shell of porcelain that blends in perfectly with your surrounding teeth. Veneers can close gaps, lengthen teeth, and cover dark stains.  

Get a Regular Dental Checkup

It is essential to visit a dentist two or more times a year to get teeth cleaning and prevent your smile from deteriorating. We are aware that many people do not make trips to the dentist due to dental phobia. At Newbury Dental, we want to make you comfortable during your dental checkups. We aim to identify any issues with your teeth and discuss the best dental treatment options.

Smile Makeover Treatment

Smile makeovers include a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve your smile. We take your facial appearance, teeth width and length, gums, and lips into consideration during each procedure. 

Some procedures include teeth whitening, tooth implants, and dental veneers. Not every patient will need all of these treatments, but we work with you and your needs to create the perfect set of teeth.

Schedule an Appointment with a Newbury Park Dentist

You may not have the opportunity to walk down the red carpet, but we still want you to feel like an award-winning movie star! Call Newbury Dental today to discuss treatment options. 


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