How to Get Rid of a Toothache at Home

Woman eating natural garlic to get rid of toothache

While practicing social distancing, it is quite difficult for patients to schedule a dental checkup with their preferred dental office. However, we at Newbury Dental Group highly recommend visiting our Newbury park dentist in the case of a dental emergency or extreme oral pain. In the meantime, if you’re dealing with mild toothaches, we’ve listed some tips below that’ll help you ease the pain until you schedule a dental checkup with our Newbury Park dentist. 

At-Home Tips To Ease Toothaches

Gargle and Rinse With Saltwater 

Saltwater works as a natural disinfectant with antibacterial properties. Saltwater can help to reduce inflammation along with healing oral wounds that may be causing you pain. A bonus of rinsing your mouth with salt water is that it helps remove plaque stuck in between your teeth, which can cause additional toothaches and infections further down the road. 

Add a teaspoon or more to a cup of warm water and rinse around your mouth. The temporary ease may hold you until you visit a dental office for your dental checkup

Clove oil 

Although the taste is not everyone’s favorite, clove oil carries oral benefits that help to relieve toothache pains. Clove oil reduces swelling and inflammation, serving as a natural, temporary pain reliever. 

Use clove oil as a home remedy for your toothache by adding a few drops to a cotton ball (mix with a carrier oil such as olive oil if desired), then gently dabbing it onto the areas of the gum and teeth that are in pain. 

Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers

If told by your Newbury park dentist, thousand oaks family dentistry, or a health physician, that you are physically capable of taking over the counter pain relievers, try opting for some for the time being. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen (Tylenol and Advil) may help with headaches and toothaches before meeting with your family dentistry. Make sure to follow instructions on the package. If you experience severe oral pain before, during, and after using over the counter medication, we highly suggest reaching out to a dental office before your scheduled dental checkup. 

Emergency Dentist Newbury Park

Newbury Dental Group will try to accommodate any last-minute appointment requests so that the patient does not have to continue struggling with oral pain. If you have a toothache or a major dental emergency, call 805-410-1532 right away.

Fresh Garlic 

Garlic has served for centuries as a natural remedy to help with anything from feeling ill, to beauty regimens. Additional garlic benefits include bacteria-fighting properties that cause plaque and lead to oral disease. 

Crush the garlic cloves down to create a paste and apply it directly to the tooth and gums that ache. To save time, you can also chew on the garlic. 

Cold Compress

At times, toothaches can cause inflammation and swelling of the mouth, making it hard to talk, bite, and swallow. To fight this discomfort, try the cold compress method. The cold compress is a natural remedy involving applying a handtowel wrapped over a bag of ice or ice pack to the affected area of your cheek. Hold for 20 minutes at a time. 

Newbury Park Dentist – Family Dentistry 

For more at-home remedies or oral care solutions, check out our Newbury park dentist blog. There you can find all the latest tips and tricks to help you maintain a healthy, white smile. 

If you are dealing with oral pain, check out our thousand oaks family dentistry location or website to schedule a dental checkup and get rid of mild to moderate toothaches. 


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