Everything to Consider When Picking Dental Veneers in Thousand Oaks

Did you know that 26% of American adults have tooth decay, and over 50% have symptoms of gum disease? Your dental health is just as important as your body’s health. However, many factors contribute to your teeth’s health.

These factors include diet, genetics, oral hygiene habits, and lifestyle. And because everyone’s body and lifestyle are different, there isn’t one proven dental hygiene approach that will fit everyone.

Fortunately, veneers are among the most effective dental health interventions. However, your dentist will only recommend veneers depending on your needs and oral health.

Before getting dental veneers in Thousand Oaks, there are several factors you should consider, such as your dental health needs and the price of installation.

Dental veneers are excellent for treating patients with ground-down, chipped, cracked, and irregularly-shaped teeth. You can also get veneers if you have gaps between your teeth to help remedy the condition. However, getting veneers isn’t always the solution for everyone with the above teeth conditions.

This is why you should talk to your dentist before getting veneers. Below are other essential factors to consider:

Your Dental Health

Veneers are used to remedy teeth imperfections while helping you improve your teeth alignment. For this reason, it’s essential to visit your dentist so that they can assess your overall dental health and level of oral care before recommending veneers. A dentist will be in a better position to determine if veneers are the best treatment for you.

If you visit a dental office and the dentist recommends veneers before assessing your teeth, you should consider getting a second opinion to avoid going through a treatment you don’t need. Dental veneers are quite expensive, and the process isn’t an easy one. Therefore, a trustworthy dentist will ensure your dental health is in order before recommending this treatment.

You wouldn’t want to pay for an expensive dental treatment that won’t work. To maintain a healthy smile, frequent dental appointments and regular cleanings are key. This allows your dentist to determine your current dental health and how well you take care of your teeth.

The dentist might also recommend additional oral hygiene practices to help you improve your dental health.

Teeth Grinding at Night

Some people often grind their teeth when sleeping at night. This grinding is a major threat to the durability and longevity of your dental veneers. Teeth grinding damages the veneers by wearing them down due to the resulting friction.

According to research, nighttime teeth grinding is caused by too much stress in your daily life. If you suffer from this condition, your dentist might advise you to find a way to reduce stress before installing dental veneers. But if you cannot reduce the amount of stress in your life and continue to grind your teeth, they could recommend a custom-made dental night guard.

You should always wear the night guard while sleeping to ensure the quality of your veneers stays intact and their durability is not impacted. Night-time teeth grinding may also damage your natural teeth’s enamel and cause fissures and cracks on your teeth. It may also lead to jaw tension that may result in further discomfort and stress.

Talk to your dentist about proper dental veneer care to reduce the effects of teeth grinding, especially if you don’t like the idea of a nighttime mouthguard.

The Cost of the Veneers

All dentists charge different prices for varying dental procedures and services. They may not charge the same amount for the same procedure. For this reason, comparing veneer costs from different dentists is essential to ensure you get a fair price.

Installing dental veneers involves using costly technology. Additionally, making veneers requires a lot of time to ensure they work effectively. If you don’t compare the cost of veneers, you may end up paying more money for the same quality of service. Ensure you also confirm the quality of veneers before settling on a dentist.

Experts also advise that you schedule multiple consultations and consider getting second opinions before applying veneers. Doing your homework well will save you from surprises in the future. Research is also essential if you want to work with a dentist you’re comfortable with. Remember to ask as many questions as possible for more clarification during consultation.

Check Online Reviews

Before working with any dentist, it’s essential to determine whether they offer high-quality services. The best way to do this is to check their online reviews and client testimonials. Online reviews give you a glimpse of how a dental practice treats its clients.

You can also use the reviews to confirm if the dentist is qualified to perform the procedure. All dentists are not equal. Some are more qualified than others. Checking their testimonials will help you rule out inexperienced dentists as well as those who offer low-quality services.

If you have family members or friends who have gone through the dental veneer application process, ensure you ask them for recommendations. Getting a personal recommendation will give you peace of mind that you’re getting the best quality of service.

The Type of Veneers

Another major factor to consider is the type of veneers. Different veneer types have different advantages. Additionally, the type of veneers you get will depend on your needs and the dentist’s recommendation.

For example, porcelain dental veneers have a better aesthetic appearance than their composite alternatives. Additionally, they are more durable, have a higher resistance to stain, and are stronger. However, this means that you will need numerous procedures to get them installed, and they cost more.

On the other hand, composite veneers are easier to replace, install and maintain. They are also cheaper and less durable than porcelain veneers.

Are You Ready to Get Your Veneers in Thousand Oaks?

If you’re considering getting dental veneers in Thousand Oaks, look no further. Contact us at Newbury Dental Group, and our team of highly qualified dentists will help you get started. We also offer a free consultation for our clients, where we will help you learn more about dental veneers.


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