Do You Have Decayed or Damaged Teeth? Here’s Why You May Need a Dental Crown

Decayed or damaged teeth cause a wide variety of health problems. Besides the unsightly look of decayed or damaged teeth, there is a mental toll these kinds of teeth take on someone’s self-confidence and ability to project a calm, satisfied demeanor with their appearance. For so many, they believe this is just a part of life that they must deal with and there is a point of no return to dental health. However, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to dental health and appearance. Here’s why you may need a dental crown from a dentist at Newbury Dental Group to fix decayed or damaged teeth.

What are decayed or damaged teeth?

Over time, teeth which were once strong, pristine, and brilliant white become weaker with age, use, and the consumption of food and drink that erodes the enamel which protects your teeth. For some people, regular brushing and dental checkups are enough to maintain their teeth throughout a lifetime. For others, no matter what they do, teeth become decayed over time and weaken, causing more involved dental care. Damaged teeth, unlike decayed teeth, may be teeth with cracks, chips, or other structural issues which has caused the loss of the tooth or part of the tooth. A qualified dentist can help determine whether you have damaged or decayed teeth and what to do about them.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a cap that goes on top of a damaged or decayed tooth that helps protect it from further negative impacts and helps restore the strength of the tooth. Most dentists will immediately or quickly place a temporary crown on a damaged or decayed tooth to stop the ongoing negative effects. Following that, they will work with a patient to take a mold of the tooth and place a more permanent crown on the tooth after a personalized mold has been taken, shaped, and created so it can last the test of time. Crowns are made from different materials which can range from steel to porcelain, and a Newbury Dental Group dentist can help you decide what the crown is made of depending on dental need, cost, and objective of the crown. Damaged or decayed teeth can often only benefit from a crown as it protects an impacted tooth, so even the least effective crown is much more effective than doing nothing.

Is a dental crown right for me?

Only a dentist or qualified dental professionals, such as our Thousand Oaks dentists, can make a recommendation regarding whether you need a dental crown for your damaged or decayed teeth. Oftentimes, a dental crown is the best solution to the problem of damaged or decayed teeth to prevent further harm or decay. While some may want to wish away the problem, not treating it only makes the damage or decayed teeth worse over time. Call our Thousand Oaks office today to schedule a consultation regarding whether a dental crown is right for your damaged or decayed teeth, so you can be on your way to permanent dental health.


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