Teeth Whitening

Hollywood celebrity smile going to a red carpet event

How to Get the Perfect Hollywood Smile

It’s award season! The Golden Globes have just ended, and the Oscar nominations were released this week. We’re excited to see our favorite celebrities strut their stuff on the red carpet and flash their picture-perfect Hollywood smiles.  It is common to be jealous of our favorite celebrity’s set of teeth, but you should know that…

Family smiling with white teeth at Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving Dental Tips to Keep a Healthy White Smile

Feast time is here! We love holidays that bring the family together to celebrate each other’s company…and of course, eat. We also know when food is present, a mess is current as well. This year avoid the mess being your food stuffed smile.  To help prevent an unkept mouth, we’ve come up with a list…

Newbury Dental Group provides dental care services to improve oral health

Top 5 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

A set dental routine is vital when wanting to keep your natural teeth pearly white and smelling fresh. There are several foods and beverages in our diets that cause severe damage to our smile. Some of these damages include gum disease and tooth decay. The sugar from sweet and sticky snacks or meals essentially feeds...
cosmetic dental implants

How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

One of the most important parts of human communication is smiling. A smile can reveal a lot about an individual. In psychology, a smile is referred to as an invitation for conversation, a greeting, and/or simply a joyful gesture.  Dental Issues and Self-Esteem  Unfortunately, many people do not feel comfortable showing their teeth with a…

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