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emergency dentist

8 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist in Thousand Oaks

On average, one third of US adults go without routine dental care. Even those who do make the time to keep up with their oral health can encounter problems, though many of us put off that trip. You shouldn’t, though — even a trip to the emergency dentist doesn’t have to be a painful or…

Woman eating natural garlic to get rid of toothache

How to Get Rid of a Toothache at Home

While practicing social distancing, it is quite difficult for patients to schedule a dental checkup with their preferred dental office. However, we at Newbury Dental Group highly recommend visiting our Newbury park dentist in the case of a dental emergency or extreme oral pain. In the meantime, if you’re dealing with mild toothaches, we’ve listed…

Newbury Dental Group provides dental care services to improve oral health

Top 5 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

A set dental routine is vital when wanting to keep your natural teeth pearly white and smelling fresh. There are several foods and beverages in our diets that cause severe damage to our smile. Some of these damages include gum disease and tooth decay. The sugar from sweet and sticky snacks or meals essentially feeds...

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