The Benefits of Getting Dentures

As people get older, they lose strength in their muscles, bones, and yes, even teeth. This can lead to an unsightly smile. This is why many older Americans often have questions about the benefits of dentures. Below, we’ll detail the benefits of dentures.

They can be removed

Unlike sometimes painful tooth implants that cost a significant amount of time and money, one of the benefits of dentures is that they can be removed at the end of the day. They will easily slip on and off when you want them to, ensuring that you don’t have to go through a painful surgery or excess drilling.

Dentures are natural and lightweight

One of the fears people have about dentures is that they will resemble George Washington’s set: clunky, unsightly, unnatural, and heavy. Modern dentures are designed for modern sensibilities. The best set of dentures are the ones that look and move just like the wearer’s original teeth. One of the benefits is how they look natural and lightweight enough to be undetectable, yet are still able to provide the protection and comfort the person needs.

Keeps your facial features supported

One of the unfortunate parts of aging is that missing teeth and sagging cheeks have a tendency to occur. One of the benefits of dentures is that they help mimic your teeth and help bolster your natural features. They can keep you looking younger and help boost your self-confidence in an easy, natural way that enhances your face and speech.

Dentures are cost-effective

A key benefit of dentures is that they are affordable and are easily installed. For many, they ensure dignity in your smile in an accessible way, that is not available through dental implants or other dental procedures. Dentures help preserve your savings for other expenses.

What do I do if I have more questions about the benefits of dentures?

Our Newbury Park office is here and available to help if you have more questions. Call us today so we can schedule your appointment and begin to talk about how dentures can benefit you.


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