Avoid the Trick of Treats and Protect Your Smile This Halloween

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Ghost and goblins are always a scary thought. What’s even scarier is experiencing toothaches due to cavities or plaque build-up. Although receiving a smile makeover isn’t as difficult as one would think, there are ways to avoid needing extra dental work. 

To prevent destroying your beautiful smile or dealing with unbearable pain that distracts you from family time, we’ve attached some of our top tips to protect your smile this holiday season. We won’t let the tricks of treats swallow us down the dental hole this Halloween! 

Top Tips to Protect Your Teeth 

1. Water, water and more water!

Asking readers and clients to avoid all candy this Halloween is just cruel. Instead, we ask that you monitor your candy intake and make sure to drink water continuously. Replace the sodas and sweet drinks with that good old H2O. Water not only helps to cleanse your mouth from remaining candy particles, but it also contains essential minerals that work to regulate your metabolism, digest food, control your sugar levels, and more. 

2. Don’t Forget to Floss

We can’t stress how important flossing your teeth on a daily is, especially when you are expecting to consume a substantial amount of desserts or sweets. The build-up of plaque bacteria is one of the most common factors for tooth decay and cavities. If you’ve experienced this before, then you know that cavities can bring about headaches, tooth sensitivity, and oral odor. To add to the adverse effects, living wit tooth decay for an extended time can lead to infections or permanent tooth removal. Schedule a daily time dedicating a few minutes to flossing, starting the new habit will surely benefit your smile in the future. 

3. Limit Certain Candy 

Again, we don’t want to control what you eat, but we highly suggest avoiding indulging in certain sweets. Candy such as sour patches, sour worms, gummy bears, and tootsie rolls all have a similar factor. The candy sticks to your teeth extremely tight and carries acidic ingredients that injury your enamel, causing for treatments like dental crowns or bridges to cover the damage. 

To balance your candy intake, it’ll be a great idea to eat natural fruits before or after consuming sweets. Fruits such as apples and mangoes contain natural sugars that can ease that sweet tooth and provide your body with significant nutrients. Maybe after eating that beautiful organic apple, you won’t feel the need to search for candy. 

Visit our blog to learn about the Top 5 Worst Foods For Your Teeth. 

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