Tonsil Stones: Everything You Need to Know

Tonsil stones are a real and serious condition that impact patients everywhere. While they often do not get the notoriety of their cousins impacting other parts of the human body, they are very real and can damage your swallowing and other functions. They are often formed unknowingly to the patient and can cause serious dental issues. Below, we’ll let you know everything you need to know.

What are tonsil stones and what causes them?

Tonsil stones are often created when food or other debris such as dead cells are trapped on the tonsils. They then harden and form, often appearing as a yellow or white hard mass. Oftentimes, those with tonsil stones will not notice their appearance or existence.

What are the symptoms?

They often have no obvious symptoms and must be discovered by a dental check-in. When symptoms occur, they often manifest themselves through a very bad smell in a patient’s breath, a continual sense that there is something in the back of a patient’s throat or stuck in the patient’s mouth, or a consistent pain or pressure in your ears.

How can they be treated by a Newbury Park dentist or at home?

Oftentimes, tonsil stones can be treated at home and may detach with very vigorous gargling. If they are observed by the patient but do not detach, a cotton swab can be used by the patient to push down on them and detach them from the back of the throat. When they are not moved by vigorous gargling or the application of a cotton swab, a dentist is able to help remove them in a variety of ways. The most severe form of treatment is a tonsillectomy.

What should I do if I think I might have tonsil stones?

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