A Complete Guide to Enhancing a Smile With Veneers

Do you want to improve the appearance of your smile to get a job? Do you experience discrimination because your teeth don’t white, aligned, or perfect? Getting veneers is a good answer to problems like these and more.

The oral appearance of 18% of Americans affects their ability to interview for a job. For these people, one of their best solutions is to get veneers. The good news is that dental veneers are accessible, fast, and easy fixes to cosmetic dental issues.

In this guide, we’ll focus on dental veneers and how they can help enhance your smile. Keep reading to learn more about veneers.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are a cosmetic solution to help you cover up dull, cracked, or gapped teeth. A veneer is a thin cover that a dentist adheres to your teeth. A veneer often holds the classical shape and brightness of an ideal tooth.

In cosmetic dentistry, veneers often get used on the teeth that are most visible or the front teeth. You can get veneers to fix stained teeth that bleaching can’t whiten. You can also get veneers to cover chipped or worn teeth.

If you have misshapen or crooked teeth, you can also get veneers to cover them up. Veneers can also fix slight tooth gaps, especially if getting braces is unnecessary. Veneers fill in and create the illusion that you have teeth in their ideal shapes, so they must be hardy.

Types of Veneers

Dental veneers come in different materials. The traditional porcelain veneers give your teeth a natural-looking surface and won’t stain fast. Porcelain veneers are also strong and long-lasting.

The other type of dental veneers consists of composite resin. It’s a tooth-colored filling material that a dentist bonds to your tooth. They are cheaper than porcelain veneers but aren’t as strong or wear-resistant.

Composite resin veneers are also easier to place on your tooth and easy to fix when damaged. This means you visit your dentist less often or only once. When composite resin veneers chip or get damaged, they’re quick and easy to fix.

Getting Veneers: How You Get Porcelain Veneers

Now, let’s talk about what happens when you decide you want veneers. As we mentioned, veneers work as coverings of your teeth. The procedure of getting veneers will differ depending on the type of veneer that you’ll get.

Porcelain veneers will take longer to place on your teeth. In the first stage, your dentist will check your teeth and conduct a smile analysis. In cosmetic dental care, you’ll get an imagining of what your smile will look like after the procedure.

In this step, you’ll also discuss what type of veneers to use, how many, and where they’ll go. Next, the dentist will first shave .3 to .5 millimeters off the surface of your teeth. This will preserve the nerve of the tooth and keep it at its strongest once the veneers are on.

Since this procedure can take a while, the dentist will place temporary veneers on your teeth. Meanwhile, your dentist will send the impression to a lab for customized production. On your next visit, you’ll get your porcelain veneers will get cemented onto your front teeth.

How Composite Veneers Work

Composite veneers involve a quicker procedure. They’re great if you only have enough time to visit your dentist once or up to 3 times. The first stage is also like that of getting porcelain veneers, where you’ll get your teeth assessed.

The dentist will take an impression of your teeth. Some dentists make the veneers in their clinic with a 3D printer, which can take a few hours. This means you can get veneers on the same day you decide that you want them.

Today, same-day veneers are still somewhat rare. Expect that your dentist will send you home while he or she prints the veneers overnight. On your next visit, the dentist will fit and cement the veneers onto your teeth. Unlike with porcelain veneers, you won’t need to get the enamel of your teeth shaved.

Placing the composite resin veneers may take a few hours, depending on how many you’re getting. When the composite resin veneers crack or chip, you can go back to your dentist for a quick fix. You can also come back and get new ones if they stain.

Benefits of Getting Veneers

Getting veneers can improve your quality of life in various ways. For example, veneers can fill in your teeth so they look aligned. If you have slight misalignments that don’t need immediate correction, get veneers.

Let’s say your teeth are in good shape already. The only issue with them is the gap that’s parting them in two. An easy wait to fix a tooth gap is to use dental veneers.

Did you know that having a beautiful smile can make you appear more intelligent, successful, and wealthy? Are you looking for a way to whiten and brighten dull teeth? Pick teeth whitening veneers to give your smile a whitening boost.

Veneers are a cheaper way to fix your teeth, especially if you only need minor corrections. They’re less painful and more hassle-free than getting braces. They also won’t hurt your bank or wallet as much as getting braces.

Speaking of invasive dental procedures, getting veneers isn’t one. Unlike getting caps or crowns, you don’t need to undergo extensive tooth re-shaping. Plus, you can have veneers removed later and still have healthy teeth with minimal damage.

Don’t forget that having an improved smile can also improve your self-esteem. You’ll smile more and look happier, more carefree, and confident. This new attitude can improve your quality of life, relationships, and decision-making, too.

Find Your Best Smile

Remember, veneers work at a cosmetic level only and won’t help you fix crowded teeth or a bad bite. If you have serious tooth-related issues, look for an expert Thousand Oaks dentist from our clinic.

If you’re thinking about getting veneers, contact us now and let us know what you need. You can find the best and high-quality veneers in Thousand Oaks when you visit our clinic.


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