6 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening

KöR Teeth Whitening

The statistics say that last year 63 percent of the American population visited the dentist last year. Good dental hygiene is important and having a beautiful smile can enhance your appearance. A gorgeous smile can make you feel confident about interacting with others. If you are currently dealing with discolored teeth then a KöR teeth whitening procedure may be just what you need.

Cosmetic teeth whitening can help to remove discolorations and give you a dazzling smile. However, before you do this procedure you may have questions about what you will experience.

Here are some things you should ask your cosmetic dentist before you do the procedure.

1. How Does KöR Teeth Whitening Work?

KöR teeth whitening uses peroxide that has been refrigerated. These peroxide gels help the teeth to revive their ability to absorb oxygen.

The gels are kept refrigerated once they are manufactured and continue to be refrigerated until they are used. This prevents the chemicals in the gel from losing their potency.

KöR Teeth Whitening is done over the course of several weeks and can whiten the teeth by up to sixteen shades.

2. How Much Pain Will I Experience?

One of the most common questions that people ask when they’re about to undergo any kind of dental procedure is whether or not it will hurt. You may feel some discomfort during the course of the procedure but for most people, the procedure is usually very painless.

If you have sensitive teeth it is more likely that you will feel some pain and discomfort when whitening your teeth.

3. How Bad Is My Discoloration?

You need to ask your dentist about the nature of your discoloration. There are two types of discolorations that can happen to your teeth. These are intrinsic and extrinsic discoloration.

Extrinsic discolorations can be removed more easily. For example, if your teeth have become stained because you smoke or because you drink coffee then the whitening treatment will work quickly.

If you have intrinsic discoloration it may require more time. This is because intrinsic discoloration often occurs because of an injury to your mouth or if you have had an illness that discolored your teeth.

4. How Long Will the Results of the Whitening Last?

If you’re going to be spending your money and time on a teeth whitening procedure, you are probably going to want to know how long it will last. Depending on how well you take care of your teeth after the procedure it may last many years.

However, if you go back to smoking, drinking coffee, or other habits that cause staining it’s very likely that your teeth whitening job may not last as long as it would have otherwise.

The best way to ensure that your teeth whitening lasts as long as possible is to make sure that you are practicing good dental hygiene. This means that you should brush, floss and rinse your mouth with mouthwash at least twice a day.

Although your whitening job should last for several years it is always best to go to your dentist for a checkup every year. This will help to maintain your whitening and ensure that you are not getting any cavities or dental disease.

Your dentist may or may not recommend that you use touch-up kits from time to time to keep your teeth whitening job looking its best.

5. How Do I Prepare for the Procedure?

Preparing for the procedure is something that will be necessary.  Asking your dentist exactly how you should go about doing this is extremely important.

Before getting your teeth whitened it is always good to get a cleaning from your dentist. You should also get a dental examination. This will help your dentist to find any cavities that may be hiding and then fill them before the procedure is done.

Try to quit smoking a few days before the procedure. Once you have had the procedure done your teeth will be very sensitive and smoking can irritate them.

6. How Safe Is the Procedure?

Teeth whitening procedures are generally safe and there is nothing you need to worry about. If you have questions or concerns you should ask your dentist about them.

You may be wondering about what type of chemicals or substances are used to whiten your teeth. Your dentist will inform you of what they are and give you any assurance you may need about their safety. Your gums will not be subjected to any kind of burns during the KöR teeth whitening procedure.

However, if you are pregnant you should inform your dentist. It is always good for your dentist to know as much about your health as possible before recommending any type of procedure.

If you have previously had any kind of hypersensitive reaction to teeth whitening you should also let your dentist know about it.

Teeth Whitening for a Brilliant Smile

If your teeth have become discolored or stained then one of the best ways to ensure that you get back your brilliant smile is to do a KöR teeth whitening procedure.

There are a lot of questions that you probably want to be answered before you decide to go ahead with the procedure.

The questions here are some of the main ones that you should ask your dentist. Even though a synopsis of what your dentist may say has been given here, it is always best to ask your dentist exactly what will work for your teeth.

If you would like teeth whitening services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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