3 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Career

Employee with straight, white teeth shakes hand with happy boss

Cosmetic dentistry and dental hygienist have been changing lives for customers in so many ways. One of those ways involves helping clients succeed in their careers. Nowadays, a healthy white smile is as important as having a presentable resume. Read below to learn more about how cosmetic dentistry can improve your career and why you should be booking your next appoint at your local dental office today!

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Career 


As superficial as it may sound, your appearance matters significantly in any work field, and this includes your smile. Your teeth can be viewed almost like an accessory in addition to your outfit. Studies have consistently proved this theory, one of those studies, including AGD. The Academy of General Dentistry conducted a survey involving 1000 full-time employees reporting about dental hygiene at work. Data showed 96% of those people believed a person’s smile was essential to their appearance, and 40% noted a smile is the first thing they notice with their coworkers. 

Oral hygiene goes beyond being an attractive person or someone with a pretty smile. Great teeth cleaning for dental shine can show that you carry some sense of responsibility. You take care of yourself by taking trips to the dental office or meeting with a dental hygenist. Self-care is a reflection of how you will care about your job or place of employment. It also represents how organized you are, and every CEO understands how coordination is a necessity to run a successful business. 


It is tempting not to want to smile, knowing you have white, healthy teeth. Not hiding behind a guarded mouth encourages you to open up. This vulnerability is considered a high level of confidence, and everyone knows that confident people or people who appear to be confident tend to elevate in life. Similar to appearance, confidence attracts people and influences the trust they build in you. 

Many employers look for the most confident candidates in job interviews. It not only lets them know you aren’t afraid to speak up, but it represents leadership abilities. They want someone to believe they can tackle any task. 

This theory also applies to the entertainment industry. Los Angeles is the biggest network of entertainers, so it is a given that a great smile will take you a long way. Confidence on set or in an audition can be the determining factor of booking a role. If you’re in the industry, you certainly want to make sure you visit a Los Angeles dentist or Newbury Park Dentist


Looks will get you far, confidence will get you further, but a great personality will provide endless opportunities. Regardless of your oral condition, a broad smile gives the impression that you are personable and a pleasure to be around. If your teeth happen to be straight and white, that’s a plus. 

A charming personality convinces people that you are positively looking at things. Employers and coworkers will indeed honor you as a person who can handle stressful situations, and that alone causes tons of promotions. Allowing yourself to smile without the worry of damaged teeth helps you create an atmosphere of happy people, who necessarily don’t mind working overtime to complete goals. Smiles are contagious, and if you persuade just one person at work to smile, you’re on your way up. 

To learn more about advancing your smile with cosmetic dentistry such as teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and more, contact our Newbury Park dental offices at sam.newburydentalgroup@gmail.com or through our website.


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